Missing Your Church Family?

How taking part in on-line worship services keeps us connected

Resized_IMG_1157This beautiful young mama is my friend Joey. In a season when they could be cut off from fellowship with other believers, Joey and her precious family are staying connected. I absolutely love this picture. It personifies the tenacity that overcomes whatever obstacle we may find in our way. Shelter at home? No problem. The church still advances. The church isn’t about a building. We ARE the church.

We can still enjoy sweet fellowship by entering into worship services online. This is true even though we can’t be together physically. Last Sunday, our church streamed a worship service and sermon. As my husband and I joined in the worship, I was amazed to find that I experienced the same sweet fellowship normally found at church. How is this possible?  We might not physically be able to be together right now, but our spirits experience fellowship when we worship. We are spiritual beings. We still feel the effects of corporate worship.

The choice is ours…will be be observers of worship, or will we be worshippers? If the only good thing that came out of this season was that we worshipped at home, we’d have made a home run.

I remember the first time I turned on worship music at home and actually worshipped. I felt awkward and exposed. What if someone hears me? What would they think? I pushed past the fear of judgment and worshipped. Here’s what I learned…

Worshipping once a week at church isn’t enough for me to walk in victory all week. I learned the power that worship has to overcome whatever struggles I may be facing. When we worship, fear flees. It has no place in our homes when we worship.

Worshipping at home has also taught me that there is nothing sweeter to my soul than being in God’s presence. Fellowship with God isn’t just a preference. It is life and joy and pure delight. Want satisfying connection with God? Then  praise Him. Raise your hands in worship and see what happens. The spiritual climate will shift. Oppression will break off. You’ll gain new perspectives.  Fear will be replaced with peace. Isaiah 26:3 says,

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

This is what we do when we worship. We take our eyes off of ourselves. Off of our worries. We look at Him. Think about His qualities., i.e. His faithfulness, goodness, provision, etc.  This is where we find wholeness. Restoration. Sweet fellowship.

Blessings to you and yours,



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