Overcoming Depression Through Restoring Trust

Have you ever wondered why you were doing pretty good emotionally, and then another bout of depression hit you like a tidal wave? I want to share some troubleshooting tips that I learned during the years that I spent recovering from depression. If you find that this applies to you, you’ll be amazed at the instantaneous relief it can bring. Troubleshooting tip #1: Identify any areas where you may have felt, or perceived that God betrayed your trust.  When troubleshooting reasons for a bout of depression, this was THE MOST common reason.

If we have the PERCEPTION that God hasn’t come through for us, it can create deep anger in us.  This often is not on a conscious level. As “good Christians,” we don’t like to entertain such thoughts, so we tend to ignore them, suppress them, and pretend they aren’t there. Continue reading